How does your donation help?

Let's change the future. In Toby's name, for Toby and for all our children.

Children with rare cancer need more hope of survival. New and less aggressive treatments are the solution.

The Dear Toby Trust raises money to support paediatric (childhood) cancer care and research in the UK. We work particularly closely with Great Ormond Street Hospital. Our aim is to help specialist centres find new and groundbreaking treatments for children living with cancer.

The trust has no administrative costs, meaning that every penny of your money is channelled directly into projects. Since 2017, The Dear Toby Trust has raised over £200,000 and this money is already being used to fund new research into CAR T cell therapy for AML – a treatment that was so desperately needed but wasn’t available for Toby.

Nathan, Verity and Toby

Nathan, Verity and Toby

We support:

  • Research into new and alternative treatments – particularly less aggressive treatments
  • Paediatric oncology and haematology nurses
  • Programmes and initiatives that relieve pain or enrich a child’s experience while undergoing treatment

Toby’s cancer was horribly rare. And the treatment too aggressive. It doesn’t seem right that today, children are still dying from leukaemia or its treatment. It has to change.